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Welcome to , we list the best online roulette casinos and rate them on our own gaming experiences. We don’t rate any casino we haven’t tried our selves and our shared goal is to help you find the best casino that fits your playstyle and wishes.Roulette is a classic casino game in which different players place their bets on the outcome of a ball placed on a spinning wheel. The players may decide to place a bet on a single number, a range of different numbers, the winning bet being either red or black or the winning bet being either an even or an odd number.

Live Roulette and Casino Games!

Technological advancement and innovation have made it easy to play your favorite game. X Roulette is one of the premier online casinos that allows you to engage in your favorite sport at the comfort of your on home. You simply pick your number or range of numbers by placing your chips on the betting board. You then click spin and wait for the ball to settle. If the ball settles in a division on the roulette wheel that happens to be within your bet then you have won. This is a game of chance and all you can do as the wheel spins are to hope that luck smiles your way. The online version of this game is quite advantageous in that you avoid the hustle of crowded tables and it is a bit faster.
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Basics of Roulette

Understanding the rules of any game helps the player increase their chances of winning. Roulette is played on a wheel that consists of a spinning wheel that has tiny divisions on its edge. The divisions on the wheel are numbered randomly from 1 to 36 in an alternate sequence of red and black color. Our sister site in Finland has just launched an amazing Rouelette Guide in finnish! A tiny ball is spun in the wheel until it settles in one of the divisions in the wheel. Prior to spinning the ball, players place their bets on what number the ball will settle in by placing chips on a betting mat to indicate their bet.

What is Live Dealer Roulette?

Live dealer roulette is an exciting addition to the world of casinos online gaming. Traditionally online roulette felt as if you were playing any other video game, however with the introduction of live dealers, streamed into your home through high quality live video feeds and new swedish casinos; you can feel closer to the action. A live dealer makes this game more authentic and realistic to the traditional casino experience. The dealer oversees your gameplay, and you can even chat with, ask for tips and advice and have a joke with your dealer. If you are looking to improve your game or build your confidence, live dealer roulette is the best way to achieve this.


Playing roulette online couldn’t be easier, choose the chip quantity that you would like to bet for the game round. Click on the table and place your bets. You can choose any combination of numbers on the table including special numbers. Click the spin button and hope the ball bounces your way. The Live Dealers are what give you the authentic experience of being in a casino. The dealer will call ‘no more bets’ with a wave of their hand, and then the chips will fall.

you have ever played roulette at home, you will know that there is one thing that frustrates online players – no matter how good the graphics are the game still feels like a video game. That is until live dealers were introduced. Our site offers you information on you can put the dealer directly in your home. Not a simulated character rendered on a computer but a real live person coming into your home through a live video feed, as close to the real thing as you can get.

Live Dealer Qualities

Our site offers you information that will lead you to professional casino sites. Upscale environments that will give you the peace of mind that you are playing on a reliable site. Easy and varied deposit options and cash out options. We also publish payout percentages, which will further build our trusting relationship. We look into amazing software that has been developed for your comfort and ease. And we also give fantastic customer service when you need it. Just like real life casinos, there are good ones and bad ones; when researching on X Roulette, we ensure complete peace of mind.

Improve your Game Online

If you are looking to improve your game or give yourself the confidence to head out to a real casino, then a casino with Live Dealers is the best way to do it. This is the closest you are going to get to the real life action without ever having to leave your home. Don’t be afraid to have a chat with dealers and ask them for tips and trick on playing the game. They are real people and are ready and happy to help you; you can even have a joke with them. Study your personal statistics and prepare to see your winning streak increase. Play at swedish sites for free or bet real money and you will see an improvement in your confidence and gameplay quickly.

Roulette History

Roulette history begins in France. The word roulette is a French word that means little wheel. It is a casino game of chance that was developed in the 18th century. The roulette wheel has 38 pockets with 18 of the being black and another 18 being red. The other two slots are “0” and “00” which are the house slots.

Roulette History

Roulette History is very entertaining, especially the fact that the game and the wheel were invented by accident. This marvelous accident that we so much enjoy was the work of mathematician physicist inventor and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. He was trying to invent what is called a perpetual motion machine but things went wrong and instead he gave birth to the worlds most popular casino game the Roulette.

There are two other individuals, who are very important to Roulette history and they are Francois and Lois Blanc. These two individuals redesigned the original roulette wheel by adding a single zero to the wheel in the mid nineteen hundreds. This addition to the roulette wheel was quite a big deal because it meant that the house gained a bigger advantage. This was done at the behest of King Charles III of Monaco.

The game that is roulette

Since the early days of Roulette History, it has been played more or less the same way. Its a game of wagers and probabilities. It simply involves the guessing of where a tiny marble will fall on the 38 slots available on the roulette wheel. Sounds pretty easy, right? But there are many other factors that must be taken into account, in order for the player to be successful in this game. You must know the right way to place bets, the table minimum and how the house edge is figured. When you have this sort of information with you, then you might probably have a very good chance at the game.


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